Saturday, November 13, 2010

Planting at Brentwood Park

I felt like a real cheerleader this morning as we met for another wonderful community planting, this time at Brentwood Park. We began at 9AM and were to be finished by 11AM. We indulged in the coffee and donuts provided for us before getting started.

Then, with shovels and other gardening instruments we began the task of be-earthing the plants. As I saw many who struggled with just a hand shovel at digging a hole large enough to contain the gallon-size plants, I asked them to step back and for the guys with big shovels to dig the holes for us.

Then these relieved helpers were able to do their part with great ease. I collected empty pots and put them in the back of the city truck. We finished in less than an hour. It went so quickly that even the city personnel were surprised. It felt so good to see everyone doing their part and in collaboration with each other.

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