Tuesday, November 2, 2010

My Most Entertaining Job

I have fond memories of having worked at an ice rink in the Denver Area as an ice monitor and a "rink mom." I also performed janitorial duties there. As a perk, I got to skate for free at the public skating sessions.

As an "ice monitor" it was my responsibility to maintain and ensure safe skating conditions for all during public skating sessions. I enjoyed helping the younger and newer skaters overcome fears and enjoy their time on the ice and enjoyed less enforcing rules that were occasionally violated by some daring skaters. I also preferred less densely populated ice conditions except when jointly monitored with another rink employee.

As a "rink mom" my duties were to set up sound equipment, take roll of skaters for each contract ice session, announce the sessions and skater programs, play music, announce zamboni times, clear the ice at the change of sessions, break down sound equipment. Most fun was to watch the skaters perform their programs as well as become acquainted with the skaters and the coaches. One of the coaches told me I sounded very much like a flight attendant when I operated the public address system. I liked doing that as well as the compliment.
The name of the rink at the time was The Sun Microsystems Ice Centre. It has since changed its name to The Ice Centre in the Promenade.

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