Tuesday, November 2, 2010

My Most Colorful Job

Back in the day when the Internet was still young to the public use, I found an optical tech job online, while I was still living in Denver. I applied for the job and found myself, oddly enough, jotting down my experience with color and not fully aware as to why it would have any bearing with the job responsibilities.

Then, during a tour of the lab, I found out as we passed by the dye station that the position was for a lens tinter which the ad failed to mention.

Well, after having followed up with a phone call a week later, I came in again and was hired for the position. It was a real adjustment getting to work at 6:30 in the morning and learning the job. It was a very detail-oriented job that required a lot of patience in learning, but I was finally able to master it. I was recognized as the best dye tech that this lab ever had in its thirty years of existence at the time. I was even called "the color lady" by the company's vice president who hired me.

While I was there, I made solid and gradient tints on cut and uncut lenses of different kinds of plastic materials. I also learned duties in other areas of the finishing department. It was probably the most technical job I've had.

It also felt like family there as we worked together as a team and met regularly in the conference room. I felt that was very beneficial and helped keep everyone on the same page. I have kept somewhat in contact with people there since then over the years. This job was held at Duffens Optical.

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