Thursday, March 17, 2011

Recent "March in March" in Sacramento

Last Monday I went to Sacramento on a bus with my school protesting the budget cuts that have hit our education, in this case on the community college level statewide. We had a good turnout considering the rain. We carried signs and shouted chants. We rallied in front of the State Capitol. I took many photos and videos to document the event. I posted them on the Web for your viewing. Here are links to those albums.


I also want to commend all who attended this important event. You were all so awesome and I could not help but notice how all the participants picked up after themselves, placing their trash in the proper receptacles. Thank you all so much!! I'm sure that had to have spoke volumes to those who we were addressing with our heartfelt message.

Yesterday in class we had our midterm exam. Also, due was our HTML assignment which we had to upload in a folder containing six files. I had missed class on Monday due to the rally in Sacramento and I needed some help which a classmate so graciously offered me. If not for her help, I would not have been able to complete the work due for our class. I thanked her for "saving my life." She in turn, with others, thanked me for saving their future by going to Sacramento on their behalf.

Yay Classmates! Yay School! Yay Team!


  1. Thank you for marching on my behalf.
    I stayed in SF to do my PhotoShop midterm.

    Yay Cathy.


  2. Sounds like it was a very successful march! Good job to all for participating, and not letting the rain deter you.


  3. It seems the fight never stops, although my boss felt that much good came out of this march. Thank you all for your encouraging comments!