Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A Living Example of Peace

This weekend I had the pleasure of reconnecting in person with a friend from high school whom I had not seen in forty years, and whom I located through Facebook. It was a brief but wonderful meeting. He had come up from LA on business. He has developed greatly in character since I first knew him back in the 70s. I really appreciate seeing people change for the far better in their journey in life. This special friend has demonstrated this.

I would never have known that he was once temperamental and hard to be around in years back because he is so laid back and easy to be around now. It's easy for one to be themselves in his presence without the danger or threat of being judged or found fault with.

I have just learned he underwent stress management training and applied what he learned. There's the key right there: He applied what he learned. It had to take some courage to do this because one would have to face themselves squarely in the mirror and be brutally honest with themselves about a pattern of theirs that is not working in their favor and bringing them joy, peace and fulfillment.

I was really impacted by his example and feel encouraged by the liberty that now flows in his life. He is not afraid of failure nor does he live in condemnation over past mistakes. From what I have observed, I perceive that he is a caring and loving husband to his wife and a giving and attentive father to his children.

He is a creative thinker and dreams big with great aspirations for the future of his family and career. I anticipate witnessing a nice unfolding of them in the days to come. I am so grateful to have reconnected with him. He is a fine human being and a glowing example of the kind of guy I hope to meet and marry someday.

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