Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Getting a Boost on New Years Day

Today The Goodwill is open today. I went in and came out with four pieces of apparel. I call it my Candy Store or Toy Store, depending on my mood on a given day.

Today's visit was special, given that it's New Years Day. The store was far less crowded and shopping felt more relaxed. Another lady was in their trying on outerwear. She was a size XL. I forget how it was I began to engage with her but I found myself helping her shop. It was quite fun and she was receptive.

Oh yeah! Now I remember! As she was trying on jackets, she was hanging them so that they were draped across the rack and hiding other hung cloths under them. I asked if they were hers and she said she was just trying them on. I would tend to get disgruntled when I would shop and someone would leave clothes hanging like that without putting them back properly. It would seem discourteous.

But this time no one fussed and I found pleasure in helping her locate jackets, coats and sweaters that looked becoming on her. As it is, I think she bought every one of them. It made me feel so good to have helped someone look their best. I told a person who works there about it. Talk about a boost! That is a fine way to begin a new year!

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