Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Today in the City

City Hall & Civic Center

Today I went to the IRS to deal with my taxes. I had gotten a month's extension which was to run out tomorrow. I ended up having to schedule a new appointment. I will see about getting any penalty removed.

Meanwhile, I decided to stop at the City Hall just for something to do since it's a pretty building. While I was a ways off I could hear horns honking. I asked a passerby if he knew what the commotion was about and he said he didn't except that appeared to be taxi drivers in front of City Hall. I told him I was heading over there just to take pictures and asked if he was just visiting as he had a British-sounding accent. He was. I asked him to join me for a tour of the building. He accepted my invitation. He had his camera with him. It turns out he is visiting from Australia and was out for a friend's wedding and was out here for a few days. His name is Dwayne.

We walked around City Hall and took pictures. He was fascinated by the architecture and we also wandered into an area that is lit with a skylight ceiling and had some display boxes with model buildings inside them which he liked.

Meanwhile, the whole time at City Hall the honking continued and their were picketers outside. I never fully understood the cause but I told Dwayne about our recent demonstration at the Capital and how much more civil we were.

Then I led us through the rows of trees outside in front of City Hall. We walked to Market Street and headed northeast. We stopped somewhere for a bit to eat and he treated. It was very nice because I was broke and could not afford lunch. I had helped him out with some sort of itinerary or to do list for the remainder of his visit. I gave him my card asking him to email me, telling me how he spent the rest of his time.

Then we walked to Powell where we parted. He plans to take the ferry tomorrow to Sausalito and also visit Coit Tower. He may be visit Union Square this afternoon too.

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