Sunday, October 31, 2010

Gray Leggings - What a find!

Yesterday I was at Target shopping for leggings. Couldn't find exactly what I as looking for by did find purple sweater tights to go with my top.
Then, when I went over to the Clearance Rack, I saw some black capri leggings in my size but not long leggings. They were extra small. But a lady had just grabbed the only pair of gray leggings. I was bummed.

Then, today after working in the Sculpture Garden at Orange Park, I decided to go over to the Goodwill and take advantage of Senior Discount Sunday. I managed to find a fine pair of gray leggings to go with my purple top that has variegated gray pin stripes to match them. Oh happy day!
Although they were a size extra large, I was able to insert some wide-band elastic into the waste-band and make them fit perfect!

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